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Our Story.

A creation by fate

To make something possible you have to jump completely into the abyss with all of your power and go for it. Annie Aieta is the definition of bold. A woman who decided to jump and made her dreams come true.


Annie was living in Washington with her two kids and she just had this urge to go to California and pursue hair dressing. She left everything behind, lived on a couch and just knew that she had to be in Walnut Creek. She put it all on the line just to be in the space and work for this one salon.


One time she was out with her mother for dinner and she started talking to this French guy. He was telling her about how he came from nothing and built something huge. He then asked her why doesn’t she open up her own salon. 


At the time barely making it by she asked how would she do that with out any money or anything and he said something so special. “Just tell your story.”


She went for it. By fate a salon in Walnut Creek popped up for rent. Annie went by and only told her story, and they let her have the salon one month free. She went for it, and there Rare Byrd was born. 






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